Planet Juicer – Free To Play Browser Game


Planet Juicer

The Core Juice Corporation is counting on you to defend their drill as they mine planets of their cores. The planet cores are used to produce “Core Juice.” Do you have the skills needed to defend the drill by building units and researching new technologies?

Key Features

  1. Nice cartoon graphics
  2. Original retro soundtrack
  3. 14 In-Game achievements
  4. Deep research tree for acquiring new units and upgrades
  5. Voice Acting performed for characters / in game speech
  6. Mouse Only Controls
  7. 3 Worlds
  8. World 1 has 10 waves and a big boss
  9. World 2 has 15 waves and a boss
  10. World 3 has 20 waves and a boss
  11. 5 different defense units with 3 upgrade levels
  12. Orbital mines with guided lasers
  13. Health injection for healing units
  14. Defensive walls to block enemies attacks or build units on top of

After you complete the game you can continue playing with all of your researched items


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