Perception Coming to Xbox One


From the Minds Behind Bioshock

Perception, the first-person horror game from Deep End Games is now coming to Xbox One.  Co-founder of Deep End Games, Amanda Gardner, made the announcement on Xbox Wire late last week.

The debut title from Deep End Games, Perception follows the story of Cassie, a blind woman. After being plagued by nightmares of a haunted mansion for months, Cassie decides to head for the mansion and solve the mystery. Upon entering the mansion Cassie discovers there are dark forces in play and must fight to survive her worst nightmare.

Cassie’s blindness plays a major role throughout the game. With a heightened sense of sound and echolocation, Cassie gains sight through sound vibrating off her surroundings. Simply put, no sound in your area translates to a black screen.


With no weapons at her disposal, Cassie will need to hide from many threats as she explores the mansion. While one small sound may give you a peek at your surroundings, it could also expose you to your pursuers.

Deep End Games may be new on the scene, but they are made up of industry veterans who worked on games like Bioshock, Bioshock: Infinite, and Dead Space. With years of horror experience under their belt, Deep End Games looks to deliver a new horror experience, never seen before (I know, bad joke).

Perception is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with no release date is confirmed at the moment.

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