Party Hard 2 – My Most Anticipated Upcoming Game Of 2017


Getting Hyped About Party Hard 2

After the events of the Party Hard Massacre, the original protagonist went dark. Now 10 years after the original killing spree a new mad man is here to take his place in Party Hard 2.

If you keep up with our articles or videos then you probably know I’m a huge Party Hard fan. I’ve done a full review on our site, and have uploaded 5 video’s so far on our YouTube channel. Sadly after about 50 takes I still have yet to beat the final board with the pesky Feds.

The original may have came out in 2015, but I didn’t play it for the first time until around the end of 2016. I played almost every level before I started my video series, and was happy to replay them again. I’d go as far to say its my most played game of the year so far.

I’m not sure if I’m late to the show as usual with the Party Hard 2 announcement. I came across the press release this afternoon, and my eyes lit up with joy. Unless Borderlands 3 pops up this year I don’t think any other sequel, prequel, our trequel could make me so happy.

So without further ado I enthusiastically present the Alpha Trailer, press release info, and link for the Alpha Demo.

Announcing Party Hard 2

You don’t get your Christmas Bonus, so the only logical thing is to stab (and blow up) everyone at a corporate party. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the sequel to 2015’s Stealth Strategy game about stopping parties by any means.

A Brand New Engine

As you can see, Party Hard 2 got a significant face-lift. This is because we’re using stylized 3D environments with physics and real-time shading. It creates a very unique visual style that allows for plenty new gameplay opportunities. Also note that the characters are still 2D. We’re very curious to see what you think about the new style.

A Brand New Protagonist

The original Party Hard killer went dark, and we’re playing as a brand new protagonist who only wanted to get his Christmas bonus. Alas, he didn’t, and the only logical thing is to start a stabbing spree at a corporate party. Events take place 10 years after the original Party Hard.


Expect An Open Development Approach

With the original Party Hard, we released 5 public alphas which helped us generate a ton of feedback. Expect the same approach here, with playable builds landing in your inbox as development progresses. For now, we urge everyone to sign-up for the Alpha.

First Playable at PAX East

Swing by our obnoxiously bright orange, and super loud (with the new kickass Party Hard 2 OST) booth at PAX East to play Party Hard 2 for the first time.


Authors Note:
As you can see from the trailer, the sequel looks like its going to be a bit brighter then the original, and have some new features. This sometimes can be a good thing, but often can lead to the dev’s butchering a great game. I personally would have left everything how it was. I’m keeping my fingers crossed its an improvement.

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