The Padre Alpha Demo Is Like A Whole Game By Itself!


The Padre Alpha Demo Is Huge!

Recently I had the delightful pleasure of trying out The Padre. Not only is it a great game, but the Alpha Demo is like an entire game in itself.


You may have noticed me review this game a few weeks ago on Universal Direction, or perhaps you noticed this gem on Kickstarter. If your a fan of survival-horror adventure games then I highly recommend you check out the free alpha demo below. If you like what you see then I encourage you to back this amazing games crowdfunding campaign. Games don’t pay for themselves to be made you know!


The Padre’s style is considered point-and-click. If your one of the only people that follow my posts besides my Mother, then you know besides Leisure Suit Larry I hate point and click games. A friend brought it to my attention, so I gave it a try. To my shock and amazement my wife and I fell in love with the game right away. You can check out my full review here.


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About The Padre

The Padre has but one job- to eliminate the weeds out of the garden of God. Stuck in an infested demonic mansion, he shovels it out with his guns, his faith, or even his bare hands. An unknown presence is watching him, waiting to smash his armor of faith into dust.


With a retro feel, a wonderful score and a deep and rich story, The Padre is more than a game inspired by the past, it’s a fresh and new Point-And-Click experience that is attempting to take the genre to new levels.


One way The Padre does that is by offering the gamer more choices. Find your way through a terrifying mansion in this Point-and-Click Horror Adventure. Crush your enemies with strategy, or use the limited weaponry you obtain through your journey across the gloomy corridors of the ominous home. With gameplay inspired by classic titles the likes of Monkey Island and Alone in the Dark and visuals that combine the simplicity and depth of Minecraft, it’s an adventure that has something for everyone.


The Padre Alpha Demo Is Like A Whole Game By Itself! - #GTUSA 2


Back This Game

I know after an epidemic of developers not following through on their crowdfunders, people are starting to become a little hesitant these days. Game development takes a lot of time, resources, and is really expensive. I do think its smart to research the devs you back, but don’t let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. Without crowdfunding many of the recent games we love might not have made it.


This is a game I fully support and have confidence in. Developers Shotgun with Glitters have obviously poured their hearts and souls into the development of this voxelized horror masterpiece. With only 2 weeks left on their Kickstarter campaign they could use a little support. Just try the alpha demo below and I think you’ll love it.


Not everyone has pockets fat enough to help all the games they love. If that’s the case there are other ways to show support to developers, such as sharing on social media. If you have a website or YouTube channel you can review the demo.


If you like the demo and have a little jingle in your pantaloons, then please back the project on Kickstarter here. The campaign only has 2 weeks left, and I have my fingers crossed on this one. Good luck Shotgun with Glitters, and thanks for this monster sized demo!


Download The Padre – Alpha Demo – Indie DB


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