“Overstep” Is Packed With Action, Destruction & Mayhem


Overstep – Old school fast paced shooter for PC + Xbox One

Recently I had the pleasure of making friends with Batuhan Avucan of Gamecan. Gamecan is a small development team based out of Estonia. These guys have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into Overstep for some time now. Just with the little bit of info, and clips that have provided about this fast-paced FPS, its pretty obvious that they have a masterpiece in the making.

Currently Overstep has a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and a page on Steam Greenlight. You can help show Gamecan, and Overstep support by backing their Kickstarter campaign, or up-voting Overstep on Greenlight.

What is Overstep?

Action, destruction and mayhem in a bottle, Overstep is a fast paced shooter which takes you from fight to fight in moments. Our fluid combat puts you in direct control, our weapon and armor customization lets you craft and sell your own creations to others, or take them from others as the spoils of war!

  • Free to Play First Person Shooter (definitely not pay to win)
  • Old-school fast pace
  • High mobility with combos and stunts
  • Highly customizable items
  • Item Marketplace
  • Career system
  • And so much more.

To start with we have a career system that rewards you for your efforts, and prestige system which highlights you for not just kills but every action you take, leaving no moment of the game to get boring. Stunts chain together letting you pull off a dance of death as you charge through our levels destroying your targets as you flit from fight to fight.

If the fast paced stunts don’t suit you, we have corporations that reward long range destruction, close quarters brutality, explosive displays suitable for a Michael Bay film, disintegrating enemies with energy weapons and so much more. Overstep’s playstyles suits everyones preferences, where corporational sponsorships are offered and fitted for anyone.

Also, featuring a full weapon and armor building system, where players’ creations will be added to the general loot in the game, adding new content almost every match.

Overstep emphasizes fast, intense movement, acrobatic manoeuvres and well tuned combat. A wealth of game modes, Overstep is free from classes and allows you to play how you want. Destructible elements in the environment. Dynamic maps which allow for competitive and casual play and this is the tip of the iceberg for what we want to accomplish.

Game Features

Insane Gameplay – This is what we care about above all else – the combat in this game is our major focus. You’ll find a heart pounding roller coaster ride of dead robots as you bounce from fight to fight tearing out the power cores of your enemies… Ahem. Yeah it’ll be awesome. We will have instant action, high octane combat where you charge into the action, dodge around a bulletstorm and feel like a badass every moment you play.

League Career System – As you rank up and explore the game, corporations will take note of your efforts in different areas and offer you sponsorships. Be it brutal, up close eliminations getting the attention of Tycho: Weapons and Arms; disintegrating enemies for Phase or your explosive impact on The Gunn Corporation. How you play is rewarded and provides you with new and exclusive items, discounts and other benefits. If you change your mind you can still buy other equipment and will have the ability to abandon your sponsorship and become a marked man to your corporation. This is just the start of our plans for a true competitive mode.

Prestige and Stunts – We love old school games, their pacing and natural feeling, and the fluidity of modern games. We want the best of both worlds. Be rewarded for pulling off cool tricks, dart between fights in moments rather than spending ages getting back to the fight. Jump from battle to battle and keep the heart pounding pace going. Earn your spotlight, get noticed for chaining together stunts and kills with our Prestige system. You too can be the star of Overstep!

Weapons and Armor – We love cool gear, so we’re building a massive customization system. In Overstep, we aim to have you crafting awesome new loot. Each new item is added to the loot table, meaning that every user’s creation becomes available for other players. When you have shown off how powerful you are, you can sell the design on the marketplace and let others purchase the same weapon, rewarding you for your efforts.

Ways to Play

We’re planning to launch on PC first, followed by Xbox One shortly after. Please vote for us if you like what you hear and see.

Overstep is being built on the technical expertise of Unreal Engine, it is a stable platform that allows us to work quickly and efficiently, to do what we desire and get our ambitions in your hands as soon as possible.

If you don’t want to craft, you still get to join in. Dismantle your enemies or friends and steal their gear, earn new rewards and draw the attention of the less savoury corporations. We’ve got something for everyone with weapons from Sawn-Off Shotguns to Vampire Grenades. You will find new ways to obliterate the enemy every day. And this is just the start, there is much more to be revealed as Overstep develops.



When man reached out to the stars, they reached back. The early colonists on Mars discovered an ancient Peregrinus ruins containing technology unheard of at the time. Humanity used this knowledge to spread and drain new worlds of resources bringing with it new heights and new depths. They found Elido, a planet rich in exotic materials, technology and ruins of the Peregrinus. Their former home, now desolated and returned to nature. Humanity started fighting itself for the riches the world contained, corporate greed reached fever pitch.

Enter Overstep, a tournament broadcast throughout the galaxy. It exploded from an underground gambling league, into a way for the corporations to show they were superior. Today these corporations are on the verge of war. Will the next season of Overstep lead to all out war or greater profits?

Your spot in Overstep is reserved, transfer your mind into a Vanguard today and show us what you are made of! Earn glory, tear your enemies limb from limb and be broadcast around the galaxy for your efforts. Join the league, earn your rewards and decimate all who stand before you in our gladiatorial arena!

“Currently Overstep has a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and a page on Steam Greenlight. You can help show this Gamecan, and Overstep support by backing their Kickstarter, or up-voting Overstep on Steam Greenlight.”

Developer: Gamecan
Address: Headquarters – Estonia: Akadeemia 7, Pärnu; Branch – Ireland, Dublin
Founding Date: January 2015
Business Contact:
Press Contact:;

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