Custom Legend Of Zelda Map Recreated In 3D


This custom 3D model of Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule Map was sold in a Facebook game trading group for an extremely low price. Beautiful isn’t it?

Back in the 80s the Legend of Zelda’s map ruled supreme over all other game maps. If you owned the game back in the early days of the NES you probably spent many hours exploring Hyrule. I”ve seriously tried to burn every bush in the game, and have dropped a bomb on every wall.

I remember trying to recreate my own map during my first couple of rounds of game-play to mark all of the secrets. It came out looking like it was drawn by a pirate with no fingers. Rrrr, I used me nubs. I would have killed for a scaled 3D model of the map like this one.


“A member of the Trade Sell Collect Retro & New Video Games & Toys group on Facebook has procured this one interesting piece (pictures in the group and below). He said the buyer he got it off of stated there was over six months building this world map for the first Legend of Zelda in Minecraft. The seller then apparently exported the file and 3D printed it–I was not aware you could do that. Then after 24 hours of 3D printing going back and forth, another six hours was spent painting it. Whew.”
Retro Gaming Mag

This is an impressive find. In Carl Williams of  Retro Gaming Mag’s article he wasn’t sure exactly how much the creator of this amazing treasure sold it for, but he thinks it was around $100 USD. Wow!


This 3D LoZ World Map is a great example of the types of cool things you can find in Facebook game trading groups. Over the last few years I’ve seen so many priceless hand crafted gaming items being sold in our trading groups on Facebook, in GameTraders USA’s trading groups (hint hint).

Keep your peepers peeled folks. You never know what you’ll find when you look. I support the Facebook gaming community for a good reason. Facebook game trading groups are where its at, and Facebook has an amazing gaming community. I’ve found so much gamer unity on Facebook, and so many amazing deals.


If your a fellow Facebook game trader, please tell us about your best finds in FB trading groups in the comment section below.

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