“Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors” SNES Rom Hack


Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors

I was browsing the interweb for good rom hacks tonight and I uncovered this gem. Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a masterfully created rom hack that is so good it should be recognized as a legit sequel.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the most treasured games of the 16-bit era. I owned it when it was relatively new, and my Wife and I played it a lot when we first got together. That was before online gaming came along and killed the real life 2 player experience.

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When I found this fan-made sequel-ish rom hack, my eyes lit up with excitement. It almost sounded to good to be true.

So once I played it, what do I think?

Its just as freaking awesome as I hoped it would be. Only its been so long since I played the original, I forgot how intense running and gunning in this game could get. The original wasn’t easy, and neither is this.

Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors - #GTUSA 2

New Features for Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

  • 55 new levels, including 8 Bonus levels, a new Credit Level, and a secret Mystery level
  • Reverse Inventory Cycling – Nothing I hated worse in the original game than being chased by a werewolf, franticly hitting the B button looking for the silverware, accidently passing it, and having to search through the entire weapons stock again. Now if you hold down the “L” button, you can search backwards through your weapons and items inventories. The formerly unused “Select” button not brings up the victim radar.
  • Random Starting Items and Weapons – When you start a new game or put in a password, you will start with any weapon or item in the game (chosen at random) instead of always getting the squirtgun and healthkit. All the ammo amounts have been pre-selected for each weapon and item, so you won’t start with 10 tomatos or 255 healthkits.
  • New Weapon: Banana – The banana weapon, which was replaced with the popsicle and dummied out of the final release has been added to the game.
  • New Enemy: Soda Machines – These possessed vending machines hurl a never-ending supply of soda skyward. When they land, the explosion hurts any player in the blast radius. You can run inbetween explosions if you time it right, or blow the machine up with a bazooka and be rewarded with a 6-pack. Monster punches will also kill the machine, but also destroys the 6-pack.
  • New End of Level Bonuses – Frankenstein Destroy Bonus (2000 points) – Monster Frozen Bonus (2000 points)
  • New Victim: Blue Cheerleader – She’s alot like the old cheerleader, but she has a BLUE DRESS!!!!

Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors - #GTUSA 3

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