Nintendo NX will get Mario, Pokemon and Zelda games within first six months – Report


Console launches can be a tricky thing, and making sure a new console has enough big ticket games to support it can be even trickier – as evidenced by the fact that it rarely happens. It’s a common complaint you hear every console cycle, with early adopters frequently lamenting the fact that they don’t have any games to play on their shiny new game machine. It would seem that Nintendo isn’t interested in letting that happen with its incoming NX console, if new rumors are to be believed.

According to a report,  Nintendo will release a new Mario and Pokemon game for the NX within the six months after its launch.

Citing “sources close to Nintendo,” MCV reports that the platform holder is determined to get the NX off to a strong start. To do this, Nintendo plans to have its biggest first-party franchises available around launch.

It has been known for some time that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is expected to be available sometime in 2017 for both Wii U and NX. However, MCV says Game Freak “will bring Pokemon to the platform,” though it is unclear whether this is a brand new entry in the series or a port of Pokemon Sun/Moon, which launches this year for 3DS.

Their sources added that the leaks around the console’s concept are “100 percent accurate,” while graphical prowess will sit “somewhere between a PS3 and PS4.” That will see Nintendo target smartphone and hardcore players, although an executive that has played the console warned that “it won’t appeal to PS4 fans.”

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