Nintendo Is Removing Mario Maker Stages Without Explanation


Today Kotaku brought it to our attention that Nintendo is deleting players stages for a variety of reasons, including being unpopular.

When Mario Maker first came out, Nintendo warned it could delete stages for a variety of reason. What the reasons are still are unclear, but Nintendo made good on their threat. Obviously stage creators are very upset about this.

Nintendo Originally Outlined

Notice regarding course uploads

Please be aware that after a fixed period of time, courses with low popularity will be automatically deleted from the server.

Nintendo reserves the right to use uploaded courses and related data, either as-is or with alterations, for either commercial or noncommercial purposes without compensation to the uploader.

What classifies a stage as being unpopular is not clearly defined. Why it really matters goes unexplained as well. Maybe the Mushroom Kingdom Cloud only holds limited data. regardless the reason, I felt Mario Maker stage creators might want a heads up on this news. Time to step those stages up!

This news originally came via a letter to Kotaku>
“Apparently, Nintendo is in the habit of deleting levels from the network permanently with the level marked in the player’s save file with a ban from the network so that that it can never be uploaded again, even after it’s edited to reduce difficulty or alter it completely. Now, I know this got some attention with players uploading levels exploiting glitches, but many of these deleted levels don’t exploit glitches but rather haven’t accrued any stars and have zero percent completion rates (either due to difficulty, little traffic on the level or both.”