Is Nintendo Dying as a Company?


Is Nintendo dying?

I will give you my opinion on Nintendo, and tell you whether they are dying or thriving. I will talk a little about the future NX system also.

ninSo is Nintendo dying? I personally don’t think so, I think all of these rumors suck about the NX controller and how many people cared about it. Also about the Wii U not making any more games and discontinuing manufacturing of the system, both of which were fake and brought a huge amount of attention to the company.

nintendoWhich kind of proves people are super interested in the NX, with how much they were talking about these rumors. So I honestly think Nintendo is thriving.
But the only way it will dominate is if they nail the NX. Then it will be a homerun, especially if it would have 3rd party games. So I’m very excited to see Nintendo’s future.
I think if it was enough to own a Wii U for the new Nintendo games, then it will definitely be enough with games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

I can’t predict the future, but I know with this much talk on Nintendo, it’s practically free advertising. But the mobile looks like it’s here to stay, their first game is now the most downloaded game ever in the app stores.


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