NEW PS4 StarWars PlayStation Console Darth Vader


MAL Custom Painted Darth Vader Console CUH-1200 Star Wars Darth Vader (NEW PS4 CONSOLE) Bundle

Power Cable – HDMI & Controller USB cable.

This is a Brand new console .I have to start it at what i just paid for it .this was just purchased from best buy in December.only used to test prior to painting and after being finished

No games or retail box are included.If you want the retail box hit me up b4 any payment is made. The box will change the box size and shipping slightly. Games are only available with buy it now and if buy it now is active.Any bid will negate the buy it now feature

The Paint finish is wet sanded and buffed with a 7 part compound system.Buffed to a high gloss with pure and all natural Carnuba wax

PS4 Brand NEW Model
New Controller
Power Cable – no HDMI

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