New “Justice League Action” Series Review


Does Justice League Action Hold Up Against Other Justice League Animated Series?

Recently Cartoon Network aired its new series “Justice League Action.” It was launched in the UK first on November 26, 2016, and in the USA on December 16, 2016.

Being a long time fan of the Justice League, this series caught my attention right away. But like with Teen Titans Go and Young Justice my initial reaction was to expect the animation and story lines to be made for children. Like with both of the other series I just mentioned, JL Action is more than meets the eye.

The animation and story do border on the kiddie line, but surprisingly this series holds up well with past JL animated series and movie universes.

The animation style is different, and I ended up liking that. At first I think that’s what made me have low expectations. After giving it a chance it grew on me right away. Much more than I expected.

While looking for a video or two to share with this post, I read up on some other viewers comments. It seems like the new series is getting a pretty positive reaction. People are always going to complain when series go off script from the original story line. Personally I like when they put a new spin on a classic story.

I think the writers did a great job on story and development. Most of us watching already have our favorite DC characters, but I think the Justice League Action crew is pretty likeable.

Cartoon Network usually takes their action cartoons seriously. I think CN does a great jobs of creating cartoons that both children and adults can enjoy together. I like a little comedy mixed with my action.

I haven’t got to dig into to Justice League Action fully, but I like what I’ve seen so far.  If your a fan of the Justice League and animation, this new series is definitely worth giving a chance. The style might not be right for everyone. I personally think its pretty good.

Image Source – CBR.com
Video #1 Source – Things I Like
Video #2 Source – batman boy

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