The New Face of TV Commerce – The Mall on Xbox One


The Mall on Xbox One

Microsoft Ventures backed, TV Commerce company Von Bismark provided us with a glimpse of the future of advertising and eCommerce today, with the release of the first ‘Click and Buy’ native TV Commerce app on Xbox One to 18 million customers in the US.

The Mall on Xbox One is an interactive shopping experience that allows connected TV users, in this case Xbox One, to browse contextually relevant products and purchase them straight from their device.

The Mall platform is the first to successfully bridge the gap between content and commerce, so long the holy grail for brands, advertisers and publishers on TV. Not only can shoppers buy straight from the stand-alone store, they will also be able to shop for their favourite products straight from any other app on the Xbox One with a partnership with The Mall.

This means that content publishers like Netflix, Hulu, NBA, ESPN and a range of others can offer their users a native shopping experience based on the content they are watching on their TV.

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Von Bismark CEO, Eoghan O’ Sullivan is passionate about how interactive TV’s can give shoppers a much simpler, personalised experience than the one they get on a laptop, tablet or phone.

“With TV Commerce you can present the shopper with their favourite products at the most contextually relevant times. We don’t have to stalk you across the internet because you clicked on a product page once. Say you are watching an NBA game on your sports app or even playing NBA 2K or Fifia ‘17 video games. We will present that teams jersey to you here in a non-intrusive way at the end of the game, where you can buy it with one click.”

Indeed The Mall is an indication of a much broader shift of users away from linear TV with ad breaks, to digital TV that they stream through app services. O Sullivan noted this when saying “You have a changing paradigm now where the TV is become always internet enabled and much more interactive. The Xbox One is a great example of a device that was once built for a very specific task, gaming, becoming a much broader device. Over 50% of users time is now spend watching streaming content now rather than playing games.”
The Mall is built with TV users in mind – that means using Von Bismark’s 10 foot design principals, optimising the user interface for controller input and making sure you have to put in as little text as possible (once you enter your credentials once it is a one click purchase experience from there on).

Retailers signed up to the service include Best Buy, Gamestop, Lego, Hot Topic, Vans and many more tier one retailers, offering a huge range of personalised products for TV- Shoppers.

You can find The Mall in the new app section of the app store on Xbox One. At the moment it is only US based.

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