NES Contra Review


Today I will be reviewing Contra for the NES. This review is of my personal opinion, so all of you might not agree. So let’s jump in shall we?
First every game needs a good story. Now this story definitely was not the best, but for the NES, it ws pretty good. I will say it’s no Ninja Gaiden though.

Story 7/10

Next off, multiplayer is not necessary for a game, but it’s always a bonus. This has to be one of the best multiplayer games for the NES. Where with no teamwork on multiplayer, you’re as good as dead. It also makes the game easier on multiplayer. That is a nice bonus as well.

Multiplayer 10/10

Next up is graphics. Now with my favorite console being NES, graphics don’t matter too much to me. But there is always something that makes the game stand out. It’s definitely not the best graphics on the NES, but they’re okay.

Graphics 7/10

Next up, every solid game needs some solid boss battles. I would say this has some of my favorite bosses I have ever fought. Also some of my first rage quits were on these very bosses.

Bosses 9/10

Next almost every good NES game has some kind of pattern, to make you think as you play. Contra had one of my favorite patterns. If you did not use the 30 live cheat when you first started it would take you a while to get the hang of it it took me months. But I never used a continue.

Gaming Pattern 10/10

Next is the overview of the game in its entirety. The game is solid for sure and a legendary classic. The story keeps you interested enough to keep playing. The multiplayer mode also makes it fun for friends to join in. Graphics on the bosses definitely catch your eye. Then the pattern makes you want to master it.

Final Score 8/10


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