“You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter” – A Game About Early 90s Dial Up Porn


You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter

In You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter you play as a young boy who is home alone during the day time. Normally you’d be watching something like Captain N The Game Master. Today you have other plans.

You heard about this thing called Porn at school. Like every young boy of the 90s, your curiosity is at an all time high. Whats a young boy to do in this situation?

So you decide to investigate this new phenomenon all the other kids are talking about. You don’t fully understand what sex is yet, but you have a good idea.

Its time to shut off the TV and dial up some America Online. You fire it up and hear the classic blaring noises of AOL we all used to love so much.

You Must Be 18 To Enter is a game about a young boys first adventure to online spank-town. Dim the lights, break out the tissues, and get ready for a memory you’ll never forget!

I grew up as a young boy in the 90s. I didn’t have a computer back then. Instead we had what was called a black box and the Spice channel. The black box allowed you to get any channel. The Spice channel was a 24/7 porn network that came on channel 99. In the day time they cut out the sex noises, and replaced it with smooth jazz that went ba-bop cha-cha-cha.

You Must Be 18Or Older To Enter - #GTUSA 3

If you are a male then you probably remember the horror of hiding your masturbation from your parents. This game tries to capture the horrific memory for those of us who lived this experience during the golden age of dial up internet.

If your a younger gamer you probably have no idea whats going on with this game, or how it could be looked at as a horror game rather than smut. Getting caught by your parents whacking it was scary, but the real horror was those dial up noises.

I found this game hilarious. It may seem like a simple game on the surface, but for many of us this game will spark great nostalgia. You may want to play with headphones, as this game is filled with provocative noises.

You Must Be 18Or Older To Enter - #GTUSA 2

Even though my initial introduction to porn was through the Sice channel, I did grow up as a young boy in the 90s. I also remember trying to watch the blurry version of the Spice channel over friends houses who didn’t have a black box. Great memories.

I think the creators of this game are genius. It captures the terror of getting caught looking at poor as a child, and the comedy behind it at the same time.

Relive the memories with You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter here free.

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