“Mr. Shifty” Nonstop Intense Action Review


Mr. Shifty

Meet Mr. Shifty. Unlike most hero protagonist, Mr. Shifty isn’t a hero at all. He is a teleporting thief who take great joy in punching his enemies in the face.

The story line is kind of lacking. Where the game lacks in story, it makes up for it with its nonstop intense action. The setting takes place in a high rise building, and I think your after some plutonium.

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The mechanics are very simple. You work your way through 18 levels teleporting and punching faces. As you progress through each stage the enemies get tougher, as the levels grow more challenging.

Seems like a simple game right? With only 2 moves how difficult can it be? That’s what you’d think anyway.

You can only teleport 5 times before your shift meter is drained. By the second stage so many guys are coming at you it can get overwhelming.

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As you advance through the stages they grow ever more complicated with each shift. More lasers are added, while enemies get increasingly harder.

With the 1 hit kill system the game can get frustrating fast. Caution: May cause rage quits. The good news is when you die you instantly start the stage over with no loading time.

Its been reported that the Nintendo version of the game has some glitch issues when to many enemies are on the screen. I played the PC version, and didn’t encounter any glitches so far. I haven’t beat the game, and honestly not sure if I can.

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For a game with such a simple concept, Mr. Shifty is a lot of fun. Its intense action keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game.

On the other hand, this is a game that requires very much patients and follow through. If you are a compulsive game quitter, or have a heart condition, this might not be the game for you.

Overall I think Mr. Shifty is an amazing game. I rate it very highly and recommend it to fans of action games.

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