Mortido – A Game About The Souls Journey After Death


In ancient times the peoples of the world believed in life after death. z2094hjvhyvhj
From a very early age, they were taught to be adamant and fearless even on the brink of defeat or death. The warriors from all continents raised the flags of their devotion. They had expected to die as they believed that it was only a beginning.

But do they know what they would give for their precious and unique life that God once gave them? Do they understand the essence and the price of mistakes that they would pay for in the end?You will know this when you dive into the game. We will tell you a story about people who lived a difficult life and what would happen to them after death.


Name of the game: #‎Mortido‬
Team: ‪#‎CornerStudio‬
The date of entrance on ‪#‎SteamGreenlight‬: autumn 2015
Genre: Adventure (Platformer/Adventure)

z2096jvjhgMortido – the game, which you move in the incredibly colorful and fantastic world. You will soak in the story of people, who had lives with easy and not always correct decisions.

The story is about the 40 day long path of the human soul after death. The central character will periodically come back in the world the living (using FlashBacks), knowing every time more and more about his past and gradually recall it. With every step you will know how and WHY the character was in such situation. The mass of strong emotions reserved for you. So the deeper you go into the created Universe, the more you will notice the features of a game:

  • Full support of gamepad
  • Great number of different mysteries and puzzles
  • Several worlds with their own unique style
  • Interesting and mysterious destinies of characters
  • Beautiful graphics, made in the anime style
  • More than 100 different animations of a characters
  • Complete freedom of actions
  • Unique system of skills development
  • Sharpen the character’s abilities just in the game process. (with every new perfect performance of acrobatic elements, the character does it better and better).


Little by little you will learn how and WHY the character found themselves in such a situation. You will be able to “feel” that very despair caused by the imminent events. And there are questions: “Who are we? Who are we real?
What invisible hand leads us along the life path and helps us not to lose ourselves?” Answers…are there answers?

Mortido’s Psychology, and how they decided to create the game.

We live in a provincial town of Dimitrovgrad, in which the population is z2098gcgcvabout 120 thousand people, and where everyone knows each other. Our team includes different people with different fields of interest.

Sigmund Freud believed that men are driven by two basic instincts: libido and mortido. The libido – the desire for life, mortido – destructive beginning. Even though so many of us believe that they are doing the right thing, we are still disappointed. It is difficult to make ourselves believe that we are doing something wrong in order to achieve a particular result. Each of us, the person we wish to believe that we are special and that we will succeed. We dream of something so vividly that we forget the most important thing – that there is no way other than winning. We will have enough time for everything: to enjoy life and earn more. But it is not so. We, the team of CornerStudio, spent half a year preparing for the creation of this game (screenplay, technical part, plans and etc.). We are creating a game where life is a life test. This is the story of seven people, their lives and deaths, and of what awaits them behind the “line”.




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