“My Mom is a Witch” Rougelike Review


My Mom is a Witch is a early access rougelike action-adventure procedure generated beat ’em up with cute but tough characters.


The Story

Two brothers lived with their mother in a peaceful forest community. The mother was a witch who used her powers only for good. One day, the king’s guards came and took her away. The brothers decided to sneak into the castle and rescue her.

In the meantime, someone has stolen an ancient artifact from the goblins and escaped into the castle. As our heroes are trying to find their way in, the goblins are starting a siege.

Play the game to see how the story unfolds… Save the mother, discover the goblin artifact’s power and the thief’s agenda.

My Mom Is a Witch - #GTUSA 2

The Review

Let me start off by saying I have mixed feelings about My Mom is a Witch. Its a really fun game, while at the same time can be really frustrating. This game might not be for everyone. If your a fan of Binding of Isaac or Castle Crashers, then it should be right up your alley.

On the surface this beat ’em up looks adorable with its cute colorful characters. Its filled various items, weapons, pets, and other unlockable stuff. The vibrant stages are pleasing to the eye. Gameplay is fun yet challenging.

When first starting off it takes a minute to get the game mechanics down. Figuring out the best methods to utilize your inventory comes with experience. When you die your facing permadeath, so expect to play a few times before you really get your sea legs.

My Mom Is a Witch - #GTUSA 3

The above video wasn’t my best play-through. That was my fifth round of playing the game. This is where my issue with the game came in. By the time I started getting good enough to really get anywhere, I was already getting board with the game.

On the games store page on Steam they boast about the replay value. I don’t think a game should brag about replay value if it gets old after an hour. Maybe its just me in this case.

At the time of creating this post My Mom is a Witch is in early access on Steam. Currently it costs $19.99, which I think is a bit high for an unfinished game. I found it kind of fun when I first started, but it quickly became repetitive. Personally I think $4.99 sounds like a more reasonable price tag.
My Mom Is a Witch - #GTUSA 4

I’m somewhat a fan of the beat ’em up genre. I usually like games with this style of animation. Before trying it out I had high expectations, but this game just didn’t do it for me. I could see where other types of gamers would find it appealing.

I expected to give this gaming a raving review. I’m going to rate it as okay. Fun for a little while, but grew old really fast for me. I don’t recommend it unless you are a fan of this type of game. You can’t always trust others opinions though. If it looks like your kind of game, you may like it more than I did.

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