Modder brings Pokemon Go to the Dreamcast VMU


Although Pokemon GO has rekindled the feeling of gaming on the go for many, it’s far from the only time that video games have been playable while outside. Of course, the Pokemon franchise first made its appearance via Nintendo’s classic Game Boy, while many other device creators have also taken a crack at handheld gaming. One of the most interesting handheld devices in video game history was Sega’s Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit – and now, one homebrew creator has decided to bring the Pokemon mobile title over to the device.


Being an accessory for a ’90s video game console, there are some necessary changes being made, such as not working off of GPS.

Instead, the game works off of a randomly generated grid that you’ll navigate to track down Pokemon, according to an Instagram post. Once you find one, you can throw Poke Balls by taking part in a “timing-based mini-game.”



Pokemon Go VMU is being developed by modder guacasaurus_mex. The VMU “port” isn’t planned for release until next year, though, because “it’s going to take forever to draw all those damn Pokémon.”


Guaracasuarus_rex has already released VMU versions of everything from Flappy Bird to an original fruit-catching game. But dozens more homebrew VMU games are out there, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer interactive comics to questionable ports of Metroid and Metal Gear Solid, limited three-dimensional first-person shooters, and black-and-white “FMV” videos.


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