MLB The Show 16 Dev Apologizes for Server Issues


MLB The Show 16 players have been dealing with some iffy servers since the game’s launch 10 days ago, and developer Sony San Diego offered a public apology and a make-good for the issues today, along with a patch.

In statement posted in the game’s forums, Sony said it’s largely proud of the PS4 and PS3 game, but acknowledged that, “our initial online experience has been inconsistent.”

The statement goes on: “We apologize that the excitement of launch and the start of the season has been soured by these issues. Our team is taking every step necessary and working around the clock to stabilize our online servers as soon as possible.”

To make up for the issues, Sony will give everyone who logged into the game before 1 PM PST on April 8 an allotment of 5,000 stubs and 10 standard packs. The stubs will show up automatically by April 12 with no further effort needed on your behalf. Packs can be accessed in the “Open Packs” section by Tuesday, April 12 (via ‘Main Menu > My Locker > Inventory > Open Packs’).”

“To those of you who’ve reached out to us during this week, and to the many more who we haven’t heard from but who may have been affected, we extend our endless thanks and appreciation for your patience and ongoing support,” Sony said.

As for the patch, you can check out the full list of patch notes below.

MLB The Show 16 PS4 1.02 Patch Notes: 

  1. Online gameplay softlock addressed: the game will no longer get into a pickoff state when a pitch is in flight or when a ball is in play.
  2. Extensive work has been done to address the “Challenge failed” issue on PS4.
  3. Fixed an issue where the game would soft lock (freeze) while a user on offense calls a timeout, as a user on defense attempts to pick off a runner on 1st.
  4. Fixed an issue where the game would soft lock (freeze) when attempting to access Pitcher Attributes during an at bat with the score bar display option turned off.
  5. Accounts in PS EU territories should now be able to purchase Stubs within game.

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