MLB 15: The Show PS Vita Review


MLB 15 is best described as an arcade or simulation baseball game.  In the game, you will be going through various gameplay modes to either do a quick session of gameplay in an Exhibition Game or Home Run Derby, or advancing your own custom character bit by bit in the their road to The Show.  All in all, though, it’s about little arcade-style gameplay bits so this is best called an arcade or simulation baseball game.

The fundamental gameplay elements of The Show have not changed since the series’ debut in 2006; hitting and pitching are done with the face and shoulder buttons, and you use the analog sticks to aim where you want to hit or throw the ball. It’s fitting that people say that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, because it’s certainly no different here – as you’ll find out if you play the game I’m sure.



When you go into the game, you have access to all different game modes from the beginning.  The Main Menu allows you to go into Exhibition Mode, Home Run Derby, Post-Season, Franchise, Practice, and Road to the Show.  Each of these modes functions a little differently from one another, though it is worth noting that there are all game modes that were in the previous MLB game for the Vita. Where as the PlayStation 4 version boasts Diamond Dynasty mode (think FIFA’s FUT mode) and an improved online mode, the Vita version includes none of this.


For the beginner or new to the series player, Sony was kind enough to include a beginner mode where timing isn’t essential and will ease a player into the art of hitting a baseball. Eventually however, this becomes a bit too easy and games will likely resemble football scores rather than the low scoring affairs baseball can be famous for.


One cool feature that the game brings is The Show Live. This mode lets you play the current day’s game with the same roster that the actual teams will bring out on the field, giving you that extra sense of realism and “being there” that’s missing from most sports games.

Exhibition Mode is where you go for quick play sessions.  You can do an Exhibition Match, where you can set up any team vs any other team and play against the CPU or go online to access the 2015 MLB schedule and play real games that are happening in the new season and make your own attempts at changing what happened in those games.  Home Run Derby allows you to go into a competition against other players to try to get the most home runs within a certain number of pitches and outs.  This is the only option you have of actually playing online, which can be with random people or people in your Friend List.  The nice thing about this is that it is cross-play between Vita, PSTV, PS3, and PS4 players.


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