Minecraft: Story Mode Headed to Wii U This Week


When Minecraft debuted on the Wii U in December, fans rejoiced. Some were left wondering whether Minecraft: Story Mode would also make the jump, especially considering that none of Telltale’s other games were available on the console.

On January 18, however, Telltale and Mojang announced that Story Mode was coming to the Wii U in fairly short order. Not only that, but it would be available both as individual episodes and a Season Pass option to get all of the episodes with a single purchase.

The first episode, The Order of the Stone, hits the eShop in North America and Europe January 21, priced $5. The rest of the season will be made available in the coming weeks.

A season pass will also be made available for $20, giving everyone access to episodes two through five. Story Mode also takes advantage of the console’s GamePad with off-TV play and screen mirroring. Touch controls are also incorporated into gameplay.

If Story Mode does well on the Wii U, it makes one wonder whether other Telltale titles could see a Wii U release as well. Though rumors of a Nintendo NX release in late 2016 or sometime in 2017 could limit the appeal of porting games to the system, it could open up a new potential market for some of Telltale’s other titles like Back to the Future or The Wolf Among Us. Even if nothing else gets released on the Wii U, hopefully a positive experience will make Telltale interested in future releases once the NX gets here.

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