Micro Consoles|Your favorite classics made to order



Some people have the ability to create things that will blow your mind. They have creativity and skills beyond that of the normal person, Mizzat Kidd is one of these people.

This man has taken things from our childhood and memories of easier better days and turned them into something we can enjoy for years to come.


Creating consoles from classic NES cartridges these micro PC’s are used as classic consoles. Running Rasberry Pi OS they have the power and support needed to run some of our favorite classics and take up no space on your shelf.

These micro consoles cost $150.00 (USD) and do come with the console and a USB controller. These are made to order so you can pick, Systems, Controller Style and Cartridge Case used.

At this time the turn around for this is about a week as each part is custom ordered. However, we expect to see this wait time grow slightly as more people become aware of this amazing art.

You can check the site out or make your custom request to

Now if you will excuse me I have a date with a micro console and some classics.

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I'm a Husband a Father and a gamer. I work in the web industry as well as creating and reviewing video games. I play mostly PC games and spend time enjoying the WII U and PS4 with my wife and kids.

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