Men In Black The Series Crashdown PS1 Retro Review


MIB Crashdown Review

Today I noticed it was the other MIB on PS1‘s 18th anniversary. I thought I had both. It turned out that I only had Crashdown. So I said screw it, lets review it anyway.

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I’ve actually never tried either of the MIB games on the PS1. The other title received much better reviews when they both were newer games. But from the trailer on YouTube I watched, it looked like it was worth a try.

I’ve never been that big of a fan of old school first person shooters besides early Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. None were really my favorite kind of game. I am however a fan of MIB, the movie and the series. I’m also a huge fan of PS1’s cinematic cheesey cut scenes.

Men In Black The Series Crashdown PS1 Retro Review - #GTUSA 2

For me the gameplay is very standard for an old school FPS. The lack of aim control is really hard for me to go back on now that I’m spoiled with new controller technology. My brain just can’t get down having to hold down the R1 button to aim up and down.

I played a little further than I recorded on the above gameplay video. I didn’t really think I needed to go any further for you to get the basic idea of the game. I also played the training course before I recorded the video.

The starting weapons in the game were a bit lame. To be fair I didn’t play far enough to fully judge. They may improve as you go.

Men In Black The Series Crashdown PS1 Retro Review - #GTUSA 3

One thing that always killed me about these early FPS’s was most of the game I am lost between a series of locked doors. Give me key cheats and God mode and I’m good. This game like most in its time doesn’t seem to be much different. I can’t tell you how many old school games I’ve given up on because of getting tired of searching for keys or items to unlock doors.

Because it is an MIB game, and on the PS1, it’s worth a try. If you’re a FPS fan, you may enjoy this game more than I did. It has the MIB charm, but it’s pretty boring in my opinion. I’m going to agree with the mixed to average reviews that I found on other sites for this game. I can understand where others would disagree with the mixed to average rating on the other hand. So you may want to give it a try for yourself…

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