Megabloks Master Chief Kubros Out Now


It’s an 8-bit invasion when you build and collect your favorite pop culture icons with Kubros! Now you can build your own Master Chief figure block by block, complete with iconic details drawn from the original Halo® character. Featuring the signature green armor and visored helmet, this collectible figure brings it back to the old school with a blocky shape and retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming. With its signature coin detail on the foot, and arms and head that move, you can pose your Master Chief different ways for a showcase-worthy display. Collect all your favorite characters from movies, video games and more, and build your fandom with Kubros!

Ideal for ages 10 and up

  • Buildable Master Chief figure with blocky, retro-inspired design
  • Piece-by-piece construction
  • Signature coin detail
  • Arms and head move for dynamic display
  • Collect all your favorite Kubros characters and build the invasion!

Get Kubros For $14.99 Here

Megabloks Master Chief Kubros - #GTUSA 1 Megabloks Master Chief Kubros - #GTUSA 2 Megabloks Master Chief Kubros - #GTUSA 3 Megabloks Master Chief Kubros - #GTUSA 4




  • Demetriz

    he is a cool figure. great for display. Green makes him stand out.

  • Konarkanuck Konarkanuck

    This was a fun build, mostly green pieces but very fun to build. I was very impressed that The Master Chief’s trusted Assault Rifle has the detail it does for having been built in bricks. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a Cortana to go along with the Chief in the future

  • Johnmegafan Johnmegafan

    Had to get the master chief. But while a nice figure. It doesn’t stand out like some of the other ones. Some nice details but being mostly the same color it doesn’t stand out as much as some when put all six next to each other. Glad I have it and fun to build. Can’t wait for the next six to be released. Feel it would probably be quiet awhile though. Would love to know what the next six are. In the booklet they have a couple blurred hint pictures. Hope they release pictures soon.

  • vrexkiller222 vrexkiller222

    I bought this an hour ago and had fun building it. Now im in love with it. This figure will definitely end up on my halo shelf. Good job again mega bloks!!!! Hope to see more halo ones soon

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