Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell – Netflix Review


Hulk + Dr. Strange = Might & Magic

This month Netflix added Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell. Last night I finally made the time to check it out, and feel its review worthy.

Attention: I tried my best not to spoil the movie with this review.

On Halloween the veil between reality and the dream world weakens. Villain Nightmare is building an army of monsters by using people worst fears to turn them into the monsters they dread. Dr. Strange calls on some monster friends of his own, The Hulk, and The Howling Commandos.

If your familiar with my articles then you know I’m a big fan of action cartoons of all kinds. I try to review media that I have low expectations for. I was up in the air on this movie before watching.

The Hulk is by far one of Marvel’s coolest super heroes. I prefer the more self aware version of Hulk, compared to the mindless smashing monster version. I like this version of Big Green!

Dr. Strange is another one of Marvel’s best characters in my opinion. I’ve always loved the crazy mystical names he drops when using magic. Hes also one of Marvel’s heaviest hitters. If you get on his bad side he’ll use the power of some name you wish you never heard of to banish you to the darkest dimension in existence. Don’t mess with Doc Strange!

The Howling Commandos aren’t as well know, but have been around for a long time. If your unfamiliar with them, they are basically S.H.I.E.L.D.’s team of monsters. There have been many versions of the Howling Commando’s throughout Marvel history. This version features Zombie, Warwolf, Man-Thing, Vampire, and Minotaur.

I’m not sure on Nightmare’s origin. He looks like hes strait out of an 80s metal band. He looks like what you’d get if the Goblin King (David Bowie) had a baby with Alice Cooper. Welcome to my Nightmare!

I enjoy this style of animation. I thought the animators did an excellent job with this one. The monsters look awesome! Especially the drooling cricket monster.

The story line is excellent in my opinion. Excellent choice of heroes. Nightmare is a bit corny, but ends up playing a good villain role. The voice acting was also pretty good. The script is a little lame at times, but isn’t to bad to ruin the movie.

This movie might not be for everybody. Its one I think both kids and adults can enjoy. I’m not very hard to please, but I liked it a lot. I give it a 7.5/ out of 10 star review. Since I’m running out of action cartoon content on Netflix, I was happy it was added this month.

Thanks for being awesome Netflix!!!

Video #1 Source – Marvel Entertainment
Video #2 Source – Wiki Fights

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