Mario 64 Hack “Last Impact” Is Live & Ready For Downloading


Today modder Kaze Emanuar  released his latest work of Super Mario 64 art. You may know Kaze Emanuar from his recent Mario 64 hack that turned all the surfaces in the game into Toad’s face. Its a bit creepy, but still an amazing mod.

Video Source – Kaze Emanuar

This new incredible mod, titled Super Mario 64: Last Impact, took Kaze over 4,000 hours worth of work. From the YouTube video’s it looks like hes been working on this hack for over a year. With the intricacy of some of the levels its clear that he really put his heart into this project.

The game added 130 new collectible stars, many new areas, different enemies, and 12 new power ups. In the trailer you’ll see Mario wearing the frog suit, go Paper Mario to flatten himself, and many other elements from different Mario games.

Video Source – Kaze Emanuar

Its clear Kaze Emanuar is a huge Super Mario fan. Super Mario 64 is already an amazing game. For many its their favorite game of the vast Mario series. Some may see altering the original as video game sacrilege. Other see it as a fresh take on an amazing game. The servers are jam packed today, so I have yet to get this remake for myself. Judging by what I’ve seen in the video’s, this hack is a masterpiece. In other words, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

The servers are still busy at the moment as stated above, but when they free up a bit, You can download Super Mario 64: Last Impact here. Below you will find a video on How to play SM64 Romhacks on a emulator. 

Video Source – Kaze Emanuar

After you have successfully downloaded and played the game, please stop back in to let us know what you think. Is Last Impact as amazing as it looks? We love to hear our audiences opinions, so don’t be shy. We hope you enjoy this free game that Kaze worked so hard on. Thanks for your hard work sir!!!

Featured Image Source – MarioBrotherL1UP

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