Microsoft Announces March Games with Gold Titles


Layers of Value

Microsoft has announced their March lineup for Games with Gold. Players with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can download Layers of Fear and Evolve for Xbox One, and Borderlands 2 along with Heavy Weapon for the Xbox 360. Both titles for Xbox 360 are playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Xbox One

Enter the mind of a struggling painter as he works towards creating his masterpiece in Layers of Fear. A first-person horror experience, Layers of Fear isolates players in a vast Victorian-era mansion. With constantly changing areas, you never know what threat awaits at each turn. Dive into madness with Layers of Fear, available for free throughout March.

Breathe some life into the 4V1 experience of 2K’s Evolve. Take on the role of one of 20 unique hunters as you and three friends hunt a deadly predator. Not feeling too friendly? Jump in as one of the five predators, each with a unique playstyle. Power-up your beast and take out the hunters one-by-one. Evolve Ultimate Edition will be available for free from Mar. 16 to April 15.

Xbox 360

Return to the surface of Pandora for more treasure hunting with Borderlands 2. With four new vault hunters, players will adapt to their unique abilities as they level up and fill in their skill trees. The random loot system returns, offering players a massive variety of weapons, shields, and equipment. Borderlands 2 is available for free Mar. 1-15.

From the team at PopCap Games, Heavy Weapon is a side-scrolling shooter. Players command an atomic tank as they fight off a Soviet invasion throughout 19 levels. Play with up to three friends as you fight through numerous enemies and boss fights.  Heavy Weapon will be available for free Mar. 16-31.

February Games with Gold title, Project Cars, is still available until Mar. 15.

Which title will you be spending the most time with this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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