Major App Development Trends in 2017


Over the past few years, mobile phones have become a crucial part of our lives.
When tested recently, researchers found that the average human uses their
phone for over 11 hours during the day. These figures have risen significantly
since the introduction to smart phones which allow media playback and other
features previously not a part of our lives.

With this rise in usage of mobile devices, the amount of app developers for mobile devices has significantly risen as well. As of 2016, the Google Play Store was recorded to have over 2.6 million applications on it. Keep in mind that there are other app stores available for various operating systems as well. Matter-of-factually, being an app developer is a great career choice right now but one needs to be in the know of the latest trends in the market. Well, here are few to help you out.

  • Instant Apps on Android

Google recently announced the concept of Instant Apps in its press release. Apps of this kind do not require any installation and can be run directly after searching on the Google Play Store. Here, the user has to search what they’re looking for and if an instant app related to their search is available, they simply have to tap on “Run” and the app should start playing without the user having to download or install it on their device. This concept is something developers should keep in mind as it is something that should go viral soon.

  • Artificial Intelligence on Apps

Various AI apps have been released in the past few years like Siri, Google Now and many more. Apps of these kinds are loved by everyone as they self customize themselves as per the user’s liking and can be used for various purposes.

Researchers have found that the investment on AI will increase by miles in 2017 as compared to 2016. Investing more time in AI projects right now makes sense if you’re an app developer.

  • The rise of Cloud-Driven mobile apps

Originally, cloud storage feature was introduced for PC users to upload extra content. However, recently cloud based apps have made their way into the world of mobile as well.  Various apps have been introduced recently for cloud storage. On top of it, there are various apps which are meant for other purposes and also have a cloud storage feature within.

  • M-Commerce as leverage

Recently, various M-Commerce apps have been introduced for mobile phones. These apps provide easy payment methods to users. Now, the users don’t have to carry their credit cards and wallets along. Various wearable M-Commerce gadgets have also been introduced as of lately. The M-Commerce market is quite new at the moment hence has less competition between app developers. Coupled with the fact that these apps are quite useful at the moment makes it a must look at genre for developers.

  • File Sharing Clients

People today carry a lot of load in their mobile devices. From 100+ minute movies to mobile games which take over a gigabyte of internal storage, all of it is carried by users on their mobile devices. File sharing app help in quick transaction between two different devices for large files.

Shareit has grown massively over the past couple of years. It is because it is one of a kind in this genre. It allows its users to transfer large files between their devices in a matter of seconds. Working on file sharing clients like Shareit definitely looks like a good idea if you’re an app developer.

  • Enterprise mobile apps

These apps are created by organizations individually to show off a professional view of their firm. There are various companies at the moment that are in the lookout for app developers for their brands. These apps reflect on the standard of the brand, having an app shows that there is something big going on in the company.

  • Conclusion

The rise of mobile phone usage by people has given app developers the opportunity to work on a wide range of app types. There are many genres to consider while investing money and time to work on. The list above shows a few ideas where the money is at right now.

This post was submitted by Swati Sharma.

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