“Magic Dragon Princess” Has Been Fully Funded On Kickstarter


Welcome to the world of Magic Dragon Princess!

Celestia, a broken planet traveling through space faster the speed of light. Only the Magic Dragon Princess can save existence from evil!

Play the demo FREE and see for yourself!!

Download PC Version:

The PC Version of the Game is being hosted in a zip folder offsite on Google Drive. Click the white arrow pointing down on the top right side to download the .Zip file and unzip that and run the Game.exe application to run the RPG.

They are planing on updating the demo before the kickstarter is over to showcase more of the game, stay tuned for updates.

Mac Demo Download coming soon.

Get the Demo and learn more about it!

Complex Dungeons
Complex Dungeons

Magic Dragon Princess Story:

The broken planet is trying to escape being destroyed at a rapid pace always traveling though space avoiding being eradicated. The evil Goddess Amia, wants to sacrifice the broken planet Celestia to destroy the resistance and control the temporal universe.

Long ago the evil Goddess Amia destroyed the sun in order to sacrifice the magical Dragon planet in order to use it to control the temporal universe.


Beautiful Detailed World
Rich Plot
Character Driven
Complete Soundtrack
Multiple Platforms
Save Game
Complex Battle System
Huge World

and more!

More Story:

She succeeded in destroying the sun and causing a supernova almost wiping out the planet but the chosen Magic Dragon Princess enacted a spell to allow the broken wold to escape somewhat intact so the evil Goddess couldn’t fulfill her plan, but at a cost, they both lost the battle & the Magic Dragon Princess was hurt and was displaced in time while the evil Goddess withdrew to regroup and finish her work, somehow.

You play the role of the Magic Dragon Princess, one day you wake up in the world of Celestia, out of no where. Stolen from your universe, forgetting everything, in search for your lover if you can recall him that is.

The people there, the Celestians hope to keep alive their broken planet so they can survive and keep it out of evil’s hands as it is the center point in controlling the temporal universe.

Fun Battle System
Fun Battle System



Main Cast:

Hero of the Game, Dragon Princess – Main Character

The Magic Dragon Princess comes the same planet that she is lost on, she just doesn’t remember, she was actually fighting the Goddess Amia in order to protect it from being destroyed and stopping the evil Goddess, she succeed and failed, and in that final battle got knocked out and sent away out of space and time. When she awaken she couldn’t exactly remember everything but remembers what happened somewhat in her past and her final battle.

The Evil Mistress trying to control the Temporal Universe

She was good at first but lost someone and questioned God and the Universe about it then decided to seized control of everything and destroyed the world that let her best friend die and use it in the process to control everything in space and time, and perhaps bring back the love and be the ultimate Goddess.

The Evil Amia Wishes to control the planet as it is center to her goals


Gunner came to the world one day in the past few years an can only remember some of his past, he searching for answers like the Dragon Princess.
Dark Priest

A native to the land part of the cat girl race, she seeks out power to save her people.

And More!

Available on the PC, Mac, and Android.

Check Out The Kickstarter Page Here

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