“Love is Blind: Mutants” Out Today On Steam


Love is Blind: Mutants is a stealth game that relies on the character’s mutant powers in order to overcome obstacles such as guards and blocked pathways. The game utilises a low-poly, high-contrast aesthetic akin to early PSX games, for that genuine ‘no frills’ nostalgic gaming experience of yesteryear.

Vid Source - RJ Proz

‘The Subject’, our main character lives a blissful life alongside his companion in the desert. Without warning, his companion is taken away by the military, presumably for reasons pertaining the to acquisition of her mutant powers, and it’s up to you to save her and get the answers you seek!

The main character is a mutant with the abilities of telekinesis and shapeshifting. Use these to your advantage as you attempt to rescue your beloved!

A high contrast, low-poly aesthetic gives ‘Love is Blind’ a minimalistic feel akin to early PSX games.

Love is Blind: Mutants Out Today On Steam #GTUSA 2


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