Lost Soul Aside – One Man’s Fantasy


Picture this.

A blinding light fills the screen, the sound of waves lapping against sandy beaches. It slowly fades as you adjust to the light, only to see a single man standing on the water, staring off screen. His dark, ragged clothing is softly blowing in the salty breeze. The light comes again, blinding you once more, until it focuses on a door. A door standing on the waves, immune to the current that wishes to take it away. The man slowly walks forward under your control, taking what could be the first steps to a new journey, and finally reaches to the door. It opens beneath your grasp, and you watch the warm light engulf the man, eyes widening, a fantasy land finally opening before you…

Then you wake up. A gruff voice murmurs that it’s time. Your adventure is beginning in the world of Lost Soul Aside.

This sounds like something kin to Kojima, as we’ve already seen his crazy openings between the illusive P.T. and the small teaser to Death Stranding. A fantasy land unlike any other, strange yet makes you anxious for more…

But then you rewind the YouTube video you’ve been staring at for the past few seconds. Your heart leaps into your throat as you read only one name on the screen.


Yang Bing.

One man is responsible for this creation, Lost Soul Aside, being just as beautiful as any fantasy game made to date. The appearance is hauntingly familiar, and you have to read the title again just to make sure that this isn’t the beloved series Final Fantasy. Instead, this game is from the lifeblood of Final Fantasy XV, inspiring this single man to spend the next two years to create a game that already is blowing us away.

lost5Some are already complaining and pushing this game aside, proclaiming that it is simply a rip off and nothing more, but there is one key difference. Square Enix, a company filled to the brim of bright game creators, all divided to either make sure that single lock of hair on Noctis is perfect to matching footsteps with the character, is the creator of Final Fantasy. They are taking more than five years to be creating this newest sequel to the classic games.

Only one man is behind Lost Soul Aside. At least that’s what it appears to be so far.

lost2 lost4

It was only four days ago that the trailer for this creation hit the internet, and already has raked in more than a million views, at last check being at 1.2 million. Many have flocked to the Facebook page in an attempt to find more information, where there is a pinned post explaining the most crucial questions that have flooded it. In it, it is clear that it is deep within development, and character models will probably change overtime. Those wishing to assist may have to wait, but messaging the page may prove a good gateway.

It is obvious that the creator, Yang Bing, will be the head of development if not the only one responsible for the game. Whether this will change with larger studios wishing to be partners or not will have to be seen. While we may not see anything right now leading anything like a release date or even what platforms they will be on, it is without a doubt that this game will be highly anticipated.

Linked below is the YouTube trailer to Lost Soul Aside, as well as the Facebook link and Twitter.

Facebook :
Facebook Offical page:
Twitter :

All images were taken from the trailer, thus belong to Yang Bing

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