Logtown Studios Fully Staffed & Working On Their First Title


Logtown Studios Are Ready To Create An Amazing VR Experience

Stockholm based VR gaming studio Logtown Studios recently completed the hiring of remaining staff to proceed with the development of the studio’s first title which is set to release on major VR platforms.

“-This is a great moment in Logtown’s history. Finding the right people for the company has been crucial. It’s been a tough process but we have hired a diverse team of warm and reliable people, whose talents and dedication mirrors Logtown’s values. We are ready to embark on our journey.” – Per Wahlfridsson, CEO

The studio now houses 9 employees including founder and VR gaming pioneer Daniel Nyberg, CMO and game industry veteran Lion Martinez (previously BioWare and Electronic Arts) and Alberto Amigo, Lead Designer who’s from the mobile gaming industry. The title in development is set to be revealed in June.

“With the level of talent we’ve managed to assemble in this short amount of time, I’m very confident we can build the experiences that Hannah Idén Gustafsson (Producer/2D Artist) and I envisioned.”
– Alberto Amigo, Lead Designer

Logtown Studios Fully Staffed & Working On Their First Title - #GTUSA 2

Beatrice Asplund | Jonas Malm | Johan Svärd | Hanna Idéen G. | Per Wahlfridsson | Alberto Amigo | Göran Kristiansson | Daniel Nyberg | Lion Martinez

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Logtown Studios is a VR game development studio based in Stockholm Sweden.

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