Lionhead Studios | Under the Gun



Microsoft has shut down development on Fable Legends and is in thought of shutting down Lionhead Studios. This brings 2 questions to mind.

1. Will this be the end of the Fable franchise. With 3 great titles under their belt and 1 multiplayer version of the game under way, what will happen with these projects.

2. Will the developers of Lionhead proceed, with their clearly amazing skills, in the indie field.

While it would be in their best interest to not let Lionhead Studios go, if Microsoft does, it may open up doors to this awesome team to make great games for more than just Xbox.


We will be watching for any news that comes from this review of the studio and hope that Microsoft does the right thing.

Personally, I hope that Lionhead can release their content on to other platforms and not be solely limited to Microsoft products.

However, I am also aware that this can limit their funding since Microsoft is currently backing their projects.

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