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Youtube has become a major staple in the gaming industry. Full lets plays of video games have replaced the need for commercials, expecially for indie developers. However, not all developers like this new action stream.

Developers who create linear story driven games, people are happy to just watch the game and never actually purchase it. The problem here is that some games just are not meant for replay value. Recently the creator of “That Dragon, Cancer” started a copyright crusade against players of their game on youtube.

“Our studio has not yet seen a single dollar from sales,” he said. They underestemated the fact that people would be happy just watching the game. However, this game is more or less just a digital movie there is a single story line with a linear path to get to the end.

These games clearly are going to cause an issue with Let’s Plays on youtube because you dont have a real reason to get the game yourself. When the copyright hit and the videos went down, people did not react well to this.

“We did not intend to make copyright claims or to force anyone to take down their videos,” he said “we simply intended for Jon to be able to draw some income from the original soundtrack to our game that he poured his heart into.”

“If you compare the millions of views of the entirety of our game on YouTube to our sales as estimated on SteamSpy, you can hopefully see the disparity,” said Green. “We have seen many people post our entire game on YouTube with little to no commentary. We’ve seen people decompile our game and post our soundtrack on YouTube. We’ve also seen many, many Let’s Players post entire playthroughs of our game, posting links to all of their own social channels and all of their own merchandising and leaving out a link to our site.”

So me being a Let’s Player myself, I have an understanding of this issue. When only the player is making revenue, it prevents the people who actually created the game from making their own revenue.

There is a solution to this, if you are playing a game like this, be sure to share the developers information. Be sure to have links to their website, store, social media and a link to where your veiwers can buy the game.

Another solution to this is to not post the ENTIRE story on your channel. Leave bits and pieces of teh game out enticing the people to go out and buy their own copy. This will allow the developer of the games to continue creating content.

With all that said, Youtube and Let’s Plays are still a great way to get your name out there. If you are creating a game that has multiple paths, stories or missions, this is the fastest marketing scheme you can ever use.

Help us keep both Developers and Youtube Let’s Plays alive. Keep food on the tables of both of these groups of people.