Lets Play The Mansion With Kira Komrad & Ivan!


Today we join Kira Komrad & her faithful friend Ivan as they play The Mansion. If you like what you see in the video, besides Kira (wink wink), check the game out HERE.

The game will be a puzzle/adventure genre, it will include…puzzles and voice acting. We wanted of course to integrate humor into the game, but we also wanted it to be horror-esque. It meant that the art style was to be very gloomy and the gameplay is inspired by the first person horror game structure. We put heavy emphasis on art style in our entry, we wanted something that was unique and pleasing to the eye, as well as efficient, that is why we went for a cartoony style.

  • 27 Unique Models
  • 60 Unique Textures
  • 36 Unique Sound Effects
  • 4 Unique Background Ambient Tracks
  • 2 Unique totally exhausted team members: The Programmer and the Modeler/Texture Artist/Animator

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