Let’s Play – A 5 Part Documentary About The Art Of Making Indie Games


Let’s Play! uncovers the dynamic and iconic European indie video game scene, and surprises you with some really unusual games! Discover the art of making indie video games.

EP1 : New Playgrounds (8’09″)
With its blockbusters that generate billions of dollars, the games industry of today earns more money than cinema. But the video game is far from being just a cash machine. Artisan game designers, keen to offer unexpected experiences that transport us, are continually seeking ways to escape the same old marketing formulas. On consoles, PCs and smartphones, or at festivals, the indie video game has made Europe its new playing field.
Lets Play Indie Documentary - #GTUSA 2
EP2 : Change the Rules (8’51″)
The indie game is also a committed game. For the past ten years, the collective, Molle Industria, has been thought of as the precursor of a movement that makes the video game an interactive tool with which to denounce the consumerist society, male chauvinism and offshoots of religion. Other designers have followed this path: they offer moral choices to players and push them to think about their actions, rather than just hammering out slogans. But while the committed game has had success in terms of esteem, and sometime commercial success, it is still very difficult to measure the extent of its influence in society.
Lets Play Indie Documentary - #GTUSA 3
EP3 : Free Experimentation (7’40″)
How far can a video game go? An experimental artistic vision blurs the frontiers between player and spectator and brings to the video game experiences that are immersive, explosive, contemplative and radical.
Lets Play Indie Documentary - #GTUSA 4
EP4 : Beyond the Screen (7’21″)
Creative freedom goes beyond software. It includes reinventing the joystick the keyboard, the mouse, and creating new game interfaces with everyday objects. With this return to the physical game, the player comes out of the screen and rediscovers his neighbor.
Lets Play Indie Documentary - #GTUSA 5
EP5 : Co-creations (7’32″)
By getting together in collectives or taking part occasionally in game jams, exercises in creating games in a limited time, the indies are federating. In Europe, there are more and more developers who want to work together, and the creative centers are increasing in number.

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