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After many alpha and beta versions, a full version of LEGO Wolf3D has finally been released. It includes a few recreations of the original levels – mainly boss levels – as well as two completely new levels. It also includes a version of the secret level “Wolf Pack” which is a lot closer to its Pacman roots. The two completely new levels are quite challenging and some strategy is required – especially the “Hills of Death Level” which even the game’s creator is unable to finish. To complete that level would require the player to be excellent at fast-paced death match games.

Also in the last few months the site has been polished a bit with animated transitions for the links on browsers such as Chrome and Safari – it makes the links including the image links rotate and enlarge.

Video Source – Chubzdoomer

The LEGO Wolf3D website and logo has been given a facelift

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Due to a complaint about the website where a person said that the website isn’t good enough to make them want to try the game, I’ve improved the LegoWolf3D website.
I started by making a new logo which has LEGO and the registered symbol, like the LEGO Group prefers. Using CSS made the intro screenshot background stay fixed while the user scrolls the webpage. A background texture has been added to the main table and fonts have been improved. The table used to have a white background with black text.

Lego Wolf3D Website

The download for this game, and most of the information above was provided by Indie DB, because they are awesome!!!

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