‘LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER’ Is Coming To All Platforms Including Switch In 2017


In 2013, after a decade of putting their own spin on well-known comics and movie series, Lego launched Lego City: Undercover—a Wii U exclusive that told a story within its own block-based universe. However, WB has recently announced in a tweet that Lego City Undercover will be re-released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in Spring 2017.

The plot of the game revolves around a cop, Chase McCain, who has just blown the cover of his love interest, Natalia. As the game proceeds, players have to destroy different Lego objects in order to construct them into something useful and relevant to the mission.

Users will be required to choose different outfits for the cover. Depending on the outfits they have chosen, they’ll regularly use grappling hooks, plant dynamites, and be able to teleport themselves to different locations. The game is fairly easy to understand and has a comedic touch to it.

When quizzed by Twitter users, Lego referred to Undercover as both a “re-release” and a “remastered” game when it lands on new platforms, including current gen consoles and PC. It added: “More information will be coming over the next couple of months..stay tuned.”

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