LEGO Announces Huge 1600 Piece ‘Minecraft’ Set


Having revealed the large Lego Minecraft Fortress at New York toy Fair, today Lego added a surprise Minecraft set to its line-up – Lego Minecraft The Village (21128).

Lego Minecraft The Village is a large set featuring 1,600-pieces and comes with an assortment of minifigures and biomes. It can also connect with any of the previously released Lego Minecraft sets, of which there are many.

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The $200 set is recommended for ages 8 and up. It comes to retailers in June. For a closer look at the set, check out the images in the gallery above. Full details about its content follow below.

The Village includes:

  • 4 minifigures: Steve, Alex, Zombie, Zombie Villager
  • Other figures: Creeper, enderman, pig, baby pig, iron golem, and two villagers: farmer and librarian.
  • Biomes: rainforest, snow, and desert
  • Buildings: watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher, marketplace

For more on the existing Minecraft toy sets, head here.


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