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Layers of Fear is currently in Early Access on PC as well as Preview on Xbox One. Today the studio, Bloober Team, announced that not only is the game coming to PS4 but the game will release in full next month.

A new partnership was announced today between Bloober Team and Aspyr Media.

“As soon as we got our hands on the game via Steam Early Access and saw the ravenous community feedback, we wanted to be a part of sharing this game with the world,” said Aspyr Media’s vice president of publishing, Elizabeth Howard.

While layers of fear is still available on Game Preview and Early Access, at this time you can grab them at a low price, just don’t wait to long. It’s a good mix or jump scares, psychedelic colors and genuine fear lumped together in one. Like a good horror movie, it takes many different scare tactics and mash them together into on amazing story/game.

As of now, Layers of Fear will launch in full on February 16th on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

What it is:

Layers of Fear is a game where you play as a painter who has gone mad in his pursuit to paint a masterpiece. The entire game takes place in a single house. The more you play, the more you find clues of the ghastly things you’ve done in your madness, as well as clues as to how deeply you’ve fallen into your alcoholism. Occasionally, you’ll even hear or see terrifying specters of things that used to exist in your life.


With every turn of the game and every time you blink it feels like something changed. Doors that were not there before, pictures that seem to have changed. You start feeling like someone is following you or standing behind your shoulder. I love this feeling it makes you feel like someone is literally watching your every move in real life.

If you are looking for a psychological thriller and a decent amount of jump scares. This game will make your skin crawl. I’m looking forward to the full game personally.

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