Rookery’s Retro Review: KingsRoad (Mobile, Facebook, Browser)


Rookery’s Retro Review: KingsRoad

Overall Score: 4 (out of 5), easy to play hack & slash with so many different facets.

Story: At the root, KingsRoad gives you a weapon, some skills, a bunch of bad guys and a two-minute mission.  As with the traditional side-scrolling, you kill, fight bosses, loot, level-up, allocate skills and get better gear.  Three playable classes add variety to gameplay.  What separates KingsRoad from the rest of the mobile app pack is two-fold.  First, it’s multi-platform so you can easily play on your phone, tablet, Facebook or web browser.  Second, after running through the mini-dungeons, you’re also able to build up a force of dragons as well as your own village.  These dragons can help you fight as well as defend your village while you’re away.  Gather resources in your village to improve just about everything as well.  There’s Player Versus Player arenas, co-operative gameplay, crafting, an apprentice to run missions for you, and probably a ton of stuff I haven’t even looked into yet.


Highlights: Easy to load, easily played with mouse or touch screen, and jump out.  Smooth animation, fast & furious action, many aspects of the game to explore.  No worries about other players coming in and trouncing your progress, only minor resource loss.

Lowlights: A bit of a ‘maintenance’ game as each daily log-in helps build up your character, town and dragons.  Many times I just log in to collect my dailies instead of actually fighting through the map.  The story could use more help.  I’d call it an action-adventure rather than a role-playing game.

Similar Style Games:  Drakensang Online, Angel Stone

Final Thought:  Stands the test of time for a pop-in and go game for those of us who have a short attention span.

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