Kingdom Hearts Themed PS4 Coming To Japan


For the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Sony is launching the special Kingdom Hearts PS4 you see in the above image in Japan.

Why does Japan get all the good stuff first?

According to Japanese website 4Gamer, it is available as either a 500GB or 1TB jet black PS4, & has a special Kingdom Hearts 15th anniversary top cover. The top cover is also available separately for 2,000 yen (US$17.50).

Kingdom Hearts Themed PS4 - #GTUSA 2

This cool Kindom Hearts HD 2.8 PS4 doesn’t just look pretty on the surface. It also comes pre-installed with the nice Kingdom Hearts menu theme you see in the above image.

The 500GB console is going for 33,980 yen ($297), while the 1TB console is 38,980 yen ($341). They still have not indicated if there will be a western release.

Westerners love the Kingdom Hearts series. My wife is one of the many who consider it their favorite series in gaming. Since American’s have so much money to throw around, I expect Sony will capitalize by bringing this beauty to the States.

Before I go, I have to comment on the HD 2.8 name. Is Kingdom Hearts turning into Street Fighter? I might have to hold out for the Super Kingdom Hearts Enhanced Maximum Turbo HD 2.8 Edition. What ever happened to simply just calling a game part 3? Shouldn’t adding a .8 to a title just be an update?

Article & Img Source – 4Gamer

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