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All around the globe law abiding citizens go into a mad frenzy as they see everyone around them appear as demons. After the death of many innocent civilians the Justice League determines that magic must be behind the outbreak of insanity. This sounds like a job for Justice League Dark!

Being skeptical of magic, Batman returns home to rest. He is temporarily possessed by Deadman, and regains consciousness to find “Constantine” written all over the walls.

In a flashback we go to a high-stakes poker game in Las Vegas that consist of Constantine, Jason Blood, and the Demons Three. John Constantine puts the House of Mystery on the line against the Demons Three’s box of artifacts that contains the rare Dreamstone.

After both parties get caught cheating a battle breaks out between the Demons and ConStantine. Constantine defends himself by releasing the demon Etrigan from Jason Blood. Etrigan makes light work of the Demons Three. On their way out they swear revenge on Constantine, and Jason Blood socks him in the kisser.

Batman visits one of Zatanna’s shows to chat about her ex Constantine. When talking with Zatanna Deadman once again possess Batman to tell her to bring him to John. She agrees, and the three set off.

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On the way they are attacked by a living dark tornado that has been conjured by an unknown force. They narrowly escape before arriving to the House of Mystery.

Inside they meet Black Orchard, a hot purple manifestation of the House of Mystery. The House and Deadman seem to have a thing going on. Constantine and Zatanna argue a bit. After discussing everything they form a team to investigate this paranormal mystery.

The dark heroes arrive at a dying friend of John and Zatanna’s named Richie Simpson. Outside they are greeted by some Shrouds of Death waiting to collect Richie’s soul upon his coming death. They banish the Shrouds of Death and enter to talk to Richie.

Dying of a magical cancer, Richie is resentful that Constantine has abandoned him to his fate. After some discussion he loans the team the Keshanti Key, an artifact that can probe the minds of the citizens who’ve gone mad.

At Metropolis Central Hospital Zatanna and John look through one of the mad men’s memories to try to find the root of the epidemic of insanity. In the mans mind they come across a dark shady being wearing an odd ring.

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The unknown sorcerer conjures a monster made of crap. Batman and Deadman try to take on this turd monster, but he ends up devouring the mad man. The entrance to the mans mind is also destroyed as John and Zatanna narrowly escape. Zatanna then destroys the Poo Monster.

The team then returns to Richie’s house to try to figure out the origin of the strange ring they saw in the mans memory. They find Richie near death with Jason Blood looming over top of him. Batman revives Richie with a adrenaline shot to the chest, but he instantly falls into a coma.

Blood tries to run but is captured by Constantine. After some interrogation Blood tells them that he meant Richie no harm, and was only looking for the Dreamstone. He then goes into a epic flashback that is basicly etrigan and his origin story.

Once a knight of Camelot Jason Blood went to battle with a dark magician named Destiny. The dark magician had come to conquer the lands with the aide of his Dreamstone. Blood thwarted his plans by busting the Dreamstone in half, but was mortally wounded.

Merlin summons the demon Etrigan offering him freedom if he destroys Destiny. Etrigan Defeats and banishes Destiny, but Merlin doesn’t exactly hold up to his side of the deal since the magician wasn’t completely destroyed. So he bound Etrigan to Blood until the deed has been done.

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Richie comes to and names Felix Faust as the assailant, and the team sets off to meet one of DC’s coolest under-utilized characters. With the aide of Swamp Thing they are transported to Faust’s observatory, but he declines the invite to join the dark team.

Felix Faust is usually a cool villain. His character design is something I found fault with. He was pretty lame. Anyway, after they do battle they figure out that Faust wasn’t involved in Richie’s condition. So they return back to the House of Mystery.

Richie awakens and reveals that he has the other half of the Dreamstone. He takes control of the House and destroys Black Orchard.

When the team returns Richie reveals that he has been using the Dreamstone to keep the magical cancer in remission. Then Richie is seemingly killed by the Dreamstone as Destiny comes back on the scene.

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Destiny Declares himself a God and destroys the House of Mystery. He says Gods don’t prattle with mortals and takes off to spread a little chaos. Zatanna save the team from a blast with a magical force field, then passes out from exertion.

A few of the main members of the Justice League show up to fight Destiny. He uses the power of the stone to drive them mad seeing one another as demons. Batman fights the Green Lantern while Zatanna fights Wonder Women. I love to see the League members fight each other.

Etrigan attacks Destiny, but is separated from Jason Blood. Constantine summons Swamp Thing. Destiny kills Swamp Thing by removing the corpse of Alec Holland from his body. Total bummer Swamp Thing was lost in battle.

Constantine tricks Destiny into pulling him into the protective magical force field hes surrounded by. Deadman leaps out of John and bursts Destiny’s bubble. Etrigan, Constantine, and Batman destroy the Dreamstone and Destiny along with it.

Richie reappears and is dragged to Hell by the Shrouds. Since Blood was separated from Etrigan, his life was finally claimed from his mortal wound centuries ago. They bury him in his old village, and Etrigan departs.

The movie ends with Constantine and Zatanna starting over and entering the House of Mystery as it starts repairing itself. As Deadman watches from out front, hes lured in by Black Orchard. And they all lived happily ever after. Or at least until the real Justice League needs them for some crazy paranormal crap they don’t want to deal with themselves.

I guess completely recapping this movie is an obvious sign that I liked it a lot. I couldn’t wait to see it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The best thing about it for me was the use of some of DC’s best but most under appreciated characters. Deadman, Zatanna, & Etrigan all made appearances on Justice League Unlimited, but you don’t see enough of Constantine or Swamp Thing.

I’d definitely like to see a sequel. I think the Dark team is so cool it would make a great animated series. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been done yet. Or a live action movie would have a lot of potential.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. I recently reviewed Hulk Where Monsters Dwell. Since they both were released pretty close to each other I think it would be a good time to make a comparison.

I think JLD was so much better then Where Monsters Dwell. It was cool they used Hulk, Strange, and the Howling Commandos, but it wasn’t as serious as JLD. It had more of a family friendly thing going on. Where JLD was DEADMAN serious, I thought it was a lot better. I think overall DC has the better selection of animated movies.

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