Joke: The ‘RPG’ Game ~ Free PC Download


This game stood out above the crowd because of its name. I like a good joke, and I’m down with turn based role playing games. So I figured why not give it a try.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I booted it up on my laptop. There really doesn’t seem to be to much of a back story. Your just 2 really big guys, cruising around Smurf village sized towns.

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You meet a friendly gentleman who offers you a free credit card. Why thank you kind sir. As soon as you walk away another guy is blocking the path, and makes you give up your new credit card to get past. What a douche bag!

You meet a gypsy speaking gibberish, and your friend makes a comment that he bets shes on Weed.


So you move forward and jump in a random pirate ship. Now what I found to be the best part of this game was the songs. Both are kind of funny. Besides the weed comment, the songs are really the only thing comedic about the game.

Joke: The 'RPG' Game - #GTUSA 2.


You end up in a graveyard, and see a black knight hanging out with a talking chicken. The chicken warns you not to fall for the trick. So you walk over to the hole, and there is a creeper down there trying to lure you in with some candy. Since there is no where else to go, we might as well go put the lotion on its skin.

After we jump down the hole, the creeper skeleton told us it was just a trick, and there is no candy. This is where the second silly song is playing. Its worth taking a minute to stop and listen to them.

Joke: The 'RPG' Game - #GTUSA 3

You find a skeleton head in the next room, then give it to the sex offender skeleton that lures little boys down dark holes to teleport you out. It takes you strait to a treasure chest. You get some loot, and that’s the game folks.

I guess the joke of the game is that I wasted 15 minutes of my life downloading it, playing it, making a vid for it, then writing about it. Seriously though, I did think it was kind of cool. The game description is pretty vague, so I didn’t know what to expect. The 2 songs are funny at least.

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