Join Jerry “Seinfeld” & The Gang in “The Senpai” ~ Free PC Download


The Senpai is a free visual novel based off of the hit series Seinfeld. Its kind of like an episode of Seinfeld, if they were kids going to school in Japan. If your a fan of Jerry & his crew, this is a weird take on Seinfeld worth checking out.

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The story starts of in Jerry’s apartment with George & Jerry just hanging out. George is upset because his Senpai at school doesn’t notice him. George seems to be totally obsessed with this Senpai. Like in the show, these guys can turn anything into a big deal.

Kramer bust in excited about a warehouse full of junk hes moved into. Hes come to recruit the gang to do some trash picking. George & Jerry don’t seem to be to interested. Then they take a moment to riff on Elaine’s gentleman callers small hands.

In the next scene Elaine is waiting for her tiny handed friend behind the school. Tiny finger Toshio finally shows up, and finally gets up the balls to ask her out. Elaine brutally shoots him down, and tells him its because of his miniature mitts.

Seinfeld ~ The Senpai - #GTUSA 2

George is obsessed over Senpai the entire game. Jerry ends up chatting with Senpai. He tells Jerry he can’t stand George because he caught him peeping on the girls bath house. It seems like Senpai is obsessed with Jerry.

Mean while Kramer & Newman are routing through the warehouse. Kramer strikes gold when he finds a giant robot that seats 3 people. He rushes to get George & Jerry to tell them about it.

Elaine is all pissed off that Toshio called her Tsundere, which she doesn’t even know what it means. So she gives in, and asks Toshio to go to the school festival with her.

Kramer, George, & Jerry show up to the school festival piloting the 100ft mech suit. George is excited to have Senpai see him piloting a giant robot. Only Senpai is more excited to see Jerry, and George gets butt-hurt. The game ends with insinuating that Senpai gets stepped on by the giant mech suit, which George & Jerry make a reference to how horrible it would be to die by getting crushed.

Seinfeld ~ The Senpai - #GTUSA 3

I miss watching new episodes of Seinfeld. Its been a long time. Though this game may be a bit on the corny side, it is cool because its like a odd new episode of Seinfeld. Since its free to download, if your a fan I recommend you check it out.

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