Jessie Noochies Cosplays Lara Croft


From Jessie Noochies Webpage –

As I cosplaying as ‘First Blood Lara Croft’ from the Tomb Raider 2013 video game, this will really be my very first ‘true cosplay’ where I make the costume virtually from scratch. I felt that it was vital that I did some research in to existing incarnations of this Lara Croft cosplay in order to help me in figuring out how to go about making the costume itself along with seeing what props I would need to make the costume appear as accurate as possible. I also thought that it would be good to research Lara Croft cosplay images and videos so that I could get in to character more easily than just simply trying to remember what she was like when I last played the game.

Looking at the images above, I feel that these are the most accurate renditions of this Lara Croft in Cosplay. This is mostly to do with the likeness of the costumes and props as well as the posing that each cosplayer strikes within these shots. If I want to recreate Lara as accurately as possible I need to be able to embody her completely.  Its true that I could have the most authentic costume but unless I can ‘act’ like her then I wouldn’t be staying true to the notion of ‘true cosplay’; which would ultimately make the photo-diary article that I want to produce as part of my implementation as completely useless.





Well done Jessie Noochies. GT USA Salutes your awesome cosplay!

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