What I’ve Learned About Steam Controller Support


What I’ve Learned About Steam Controller Support

For many years I’ve avoided PC gaming. I just could never get into using a mouse and keyboard. I’ve been a console gamer ever since I could walk. I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents told me my first word was Atari. A year ago I had very little interest in getting into it.

Then around 8 months ago I moved from Asheville, NC to Las Vegas. We had a friend hold all of our possessions because we took the Greyhound bus across country. Since we only could take what we could carry, I only took my laptops and NDS. Not long after we left, our friend who was holding our stuff went to jail, and lost everything. Total bummer because I had just rebuilt my gaming collection after we lost everything due to the Charleston, WV chemical spill.

In Asheville Steam had caught my attention because that’s all my 12 year old nephew did with his time. Usually a couple times a day he’d make me stop what I was doing to come check out his gaming accomplishments.

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My partner and I started this website just a couple weeks after I arrived in Vegas. One of our original daily segments was titled “Today in Gaming.” Everyday I started seeing all of these really cool looking games being released on Steam. Since I didn’t have the money to invest in another console, I finally decided to give Steam a go.

Since my old wired PS3 controller worked on emulators, I figured they would work on Steam. Also it seemed more likely that I’d get another PS3 before a Xbox 360, so I went out and bought a wired blue Rock Candy PS3 controller.

I found several sources right away to find discounted Steam games. I started building up my library just to figure out that only a handful of games that said they had full controller support didn’t work with this controller. I was very confused. If it worked with some games but not others, why does it say full controller support???

I did some Googling and read several bloggers say that Xbox 360 controllers worked much better. After my original experience I was hesitant to go out and buy one. I had become discouraged and was ready to give up on Steam all together.

I finally got around to investing into a generic wired Xbox 360 controller. Now I found it works so good, it even works for the games that say partial controller support. What’s going on here Steam???

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It turns out that Full controller support pretty much means that those games are meant to be played with a controller. Partial controller support pretty much means that the games are controller compatible, but may require using a keyboard in parts of the game.

Now I am very happy with Steam. Since I figured other Gamers that are new to Steam may be facing the same controller support questions I dealt with, I decided to give this testimonial.

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I did break down and play a few games with a mouse and keyboard in between controllers. I’m a little more open to it now if a game really catches my eye, but to me a controller can make or break a gaming platform. So if your questioning getting into Steam, I highly recommend you invest $20 into a wired 360 controller. Since I finally made the investment and am gamer on a low budget, I am a proud Steam supporter!!!

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