Ban wave hits as PokemonGo! botters close doors


UPDATED: Bans have been confirmed among the botting community. It’s not everyone, but it’s a fair amount of cheaters. If you don’t believe me, check out what the botters are saying on their community page. 
There’s no official press release, but reports are coming in from all over the internet that GPS spoofing botters playing PokemonGo have finally been banned by Niantic.

Last week, John Hanke promised this day would come.

Users first spotted indications of the impending wave of bans when Niantic updated the Pokemon Go website to include a Ban Appeal Page.  Then, scattered reports of a new type of (permanent) ban for users involved in Pokemon Go app development and botting. In addition, The Pokemon Company has added Google’s Captcha to the “Pokemon Trainer Club” account registration process, a step which will reduce the ability for programs to generate multiple PokemonGo accounts.

Users banned for botting can appeal their permanent lockouts with Niantic.

Users banned for botting can appeal their permanent lockouts with Niantic.

All this has scared botters pantless, and the creators of the largest botting program, Necrobot, have announced they are closing their doors. According to their statement, they wanted to preempt the legal action which had befallen other bot developers.


PSA: Perma-bans have arrived. Stop all use of 3rd party APIs ASAP. from pokemongodev

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