I hacked my ‘un-overclockable’ i5 6500 to hit 4.3GHz and outperformed my old i7 2600K


i5 6500

Maybe we’re the identical, you and me. Maybe we each invested in a stable Sandy Bridge CPU in 2011, spurred on by the rave critiques, and maybe we now have each been too proud to ‘downgrade’ to a more moderen mannequin i5 within the subsequent years for worry of what the opposite children within the playground would say – or what it’d do to our Cinebench numbers. Properly, lately I went for it, and guess what? Going from i7 to i5 elevated my PC’s efficiency. 

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CPU upgrades are exhausting. Shopping for a brand new one most likely means shopping for a brand new motherboard with a suitable chipset, and that in flip most likely means new RAM too, so there’s a appreciable monetary and time funding concerned. Then there’s the truth that CPUs maintain their worth so properly over time. Typically which means it isn’t value shopping for something however the newest fashions on sale, which additional forces your hand into upgrading your complete chipset. Above all, it’s such a stab at nighttime – you may get a good suggestion of the efficiency ranges you’re going to get from a brand new GPU by benchmarks, however with a CPU there are such a lot of variables to contemplate. Perhaps you’ll discover a set of benchmarks to analyse, however is it overclocked in these benchmarks? By how a lot? How is it being cooled? How good is the motherboard, the RAM, and the way does that every one apply to your personal very particular setup?

For all these causes, I’ve stayed placed on a 2011 i7 2600Okay, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a Z77 chipset mobo for about six years now. Each time a brand new era of CPUs was launched, I puzzled whether or not the 2600Okay had change into out of date. I puzzled whether or not I used to be a idiot for plugging a succession of newer and costlier graphics playing cards into that very same machine with its classic CPU. And each time that new era got here alongside, I regarded in useless for any form of definitive solutions as as to whether my 2600Okay is likely to be the bottleneck in my system by now, and what the most cost effective chip is likely to be that alleviated that squeeze.

After which I caved and ‘upgraded’ to an previous era, non-overclockable, non-hyperthreaded i5 CPU, the common-or-garden 6500. In sure circumstances this may be efficiency suicide, however I’m right here to inform you that this little sq. of silicon truly resulted in a not-insignificant internet acquire in gaming and benchmarking efficiency. Going in opposition to the grain of typical knowledge labored for me on this occasion – right here’s why.

Firstly, I overclocked it. Quite a bit. 

MSI Z170A Gaming M5

You’ll bear in mind the salad days of 2016, when sure Z170A motherboard producers shipped their boards with a BIOS that allowed non-Okay Intel chips to be overclocked. Additionally, you will keep in mind that Intel understandably and really rapidly put a cease to all that with a swathe of BIOS updates throughout all boards that beforehand supplied it. However that wasn’t the tip of non-Okay chip overclocking. 

Positive, each Z170A motherboard now ships with an up to date BIOS that lacks the SKY OC characteristic which enabled non-Okay overclocking, however these previous BIOS information nonetheless existed on the market within the ether. And by ‘ether’ I imply this extremely helpful web page which has hyperlinks to all of them, organized by motherboard mannequin. By downloading that previous BIOS file and rolling again your motherboard in order that it’s working the overclock-enabled model, you may relive the glory days of 2016. 

A few issues about this. Firstly, updating (or downgrading, on this case) your BIOS is a fairly terrifying activity as a result of at the back of your thoughts you’re consistently questioning if an influence outage mid-install will render your system ineffective. Snigger if you would like, however I misplaced a 50+ hour Gran Turismo 5 save in a blackout, and that stuff haunts you. Irrational worrying apart, it’s merely a matter of loading the BIOS file onto a USB stick, hitting DEL upon booting and navigating to the flash choice in your BIOS. Have I stated BIOS sufficient but? BIOS. With the brand new (previous) model put in, the SKY OC choice might be enabled. This turns off built-in graphics and turbo options, however permits some critical overclocking in case your system can deal with it.

I assumed this improve would possibly work notably properly for me as a result of my system’s arrange for first rate overclocking. The brand new DDR4 RAM I put in operates at three,200MHz, and since growing the CPU multiplier additionally raises the RAM frequency, this offers me much more headroom for overclocking than a set of two,133MHz sticks would. I’ve additionally been utilizing a Corsair H105 liquid cooler for years, which I can’t suggest sufficient. Operating at four.5GHZ, the previous stalwart i7 2600Okay not often broke a sweat in extra of 50°C. Factoring in these issues, I suspected that if I may overclock the i5 6500  far sufficient to justify my improve.

The overclock

BIOS overclock

It seems I may. With out an excessive amount of problem, I’ve the i5 6500 working at a rock-solid four.3GHz up from the inventory three.2GHz clock pace. With a purpose to obtain this, my RAM’s working at three,244MHz, and I’ve over-volted the CPU simply barely to 1.350V. I can most likely carry that worth again down now I’ve achieved stability, for the longevity of the chip..

BIOS overclock

Straightforward sufficient actually. OC Discover Mode is ready to [Expert] and Beta Runner is ready to [NOC]. That is the setting that enables base clock multiplier overclocking, and disables turbo and built-in graphics performance. With that performed, I’ve merely boosted the CPU base clock and DRAM frequencies, and added that additional zero.35V within the CPU voltage settings. Since I’ve talked about voltage twice now and it’s making me nervous, please be aware that neither I nor PCGamesN are chargeable for you frying your by altering these settings. This, and no matter fireplace you begin, is on you.

I ran the Heaven four.zero benchmark a couple of occasions over after booting up with these overclocked values to examine stability, however any system-intense utility works for this.

The benchmarks

Time to handle expectations a bit: I achieved a efficiency improve in every benchmark I attempted, together with two CPU-intensive in-game runs. I didn’t double the general functionality of my PC with a $200 CPU. This isn’t equal to SLI-ing your graphics card. Okay? Okay, then let’s check out the outcomes.

Heaven 4.0 i7 benchmark

Heaven four.zero is extra of a graphics card exercise than a CPU, however since I’ve lengthy been harbouring the suspicion that my previous i7 2600Okay was appearing because the bottleneck in demanding video games I went straight to this to see if the i5 6500 made a distinction. It does, however solely by 4fps. 48fps common with the 2600Okay, 52fps with the 6500.

Heaven 4.0 i5 benchmark

There are two methods to interpret this modest improve. The primary is that I had made an enormous mistake, and that the chips had been roughly equal in any case, even when overclocking the brand new one. The second is that most likely my GPU is the bottleneck. I’m working Heaven at 2560×1600 and max settings, in any case. Extra testing is required, then.

Total War i7 benchmark

It’s a related marginal acquire in Warhammer: Whole Warfare (or as it’s going to all the time be recognized in my thoughts, Warhammer: Whole Warhammer). Whole Warfare video games all the time stress-test CPUs with their benchmarks due to their proclivity for lots of of tiny little fighty-men working round smoky battlefields. On this specific benchmark, the overclocked 6500 nets me, er, 2fps. 

Total War i5 benchmark

Nonetheless, it’s value noting that for the reason that quantity was so low within the first place – 20fps with the 2600Okay, an additional 2fps represents a much bigger efficiency improve than if the unique determine had been, say 60fps. Nonetheless, it’s not probably the most encouraging quantity to take a look at when you might have spent a night making use of thermal paste and cable-tying PSU cords.

Ashes of the Singularity i7 benchmark

Issues begin to look brighter in Ashes of the Singularity: Eslation’s CPU-focussed benchmark. The 2600Okay may run it at 23fps, however the 6500 leaps forward to 29fps, once more a marked improve given the low baseline determine. Like Whole Warfare, Ashes actually stresses out CPUs with the variety of items on display, so that is an encouraging efficiency enhance. However the pièce de résistance is but to come back.

Ashes of the Singularity i5 benchmark

Center-Earth: Shadow of Warfare was working sluggishly on my 2600Okay. At a median of 52fps, it fell simply in need of the graceful VSync’d 60fps at max settings I needed. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War i7 benchmark

With the 6500 nevertheless, I get a median 62fps. That’s simply sufficient for me to activate VSync and luxuriate in clean efficiency. Outdoors the benchmark there are rare dips beneath 60fps when the VSync price has to half itself, however 90% of the time it’s buttery clean. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War i5 benchmark

Operating these in-game benchmarks demonstrates that, to various levels, the i5 6500 has the efficiency edge. However how a lot of that additional efficiency am I getting from the overclock itself? Operating artificial CPU benchmark Cinebench R15 will assist confirm that. 


Inventory values produce a rating of 524, and overclocked to four.3GHz that rating jumps as much as 702. To place that in context, the i7 2600Okay will often produce 590-600 at inventory settings. That’s clearly larger than the i5 6500 earlier than the overclock, however with that additional 1.1GHz the i5 comes out high of the pile. Overclocking the i7 may, in principle, produce a better rating, however personally I by no means had a lot pleasure with my specific chip – four.2GHz gave the impression to be the best steady worth, and I used to be restricted by the 2133MHz DDR3 RAM, too. Sadly the overclock doesn’t magically flip my i5 right into a 7700Okay, which can rating round 970 at inventory settings, however prices $100 extra. 


So, was it value it? Some would possibly have a look at the benchmarks and surmise that it wasn’t, however I’m pleased with the efficiency acquire. Not least as a result of it was a pleasing shock: choosing a more moderen i5 actually has crushed the generations previous i7 on this case, and that opens up loads of potentialities for the secondhand market. Store round for a mobo and CPU that help the Z170A non-Okay overclock hack, and you may get loads of bang on your buck. There are additionally knock-ons when Espresso Lake vs final era CPUs: the newer mannequin i3-8350Okay, for instance, is successfully a generation-old Core i5 for £132.

I’m noticing the additional frames within the video games I’m taking part in proper now, and I’m additionally comfortable to be on a more moderen chipset. My previous DDR3 was working at 2133MHz, and and my new 32000MHz DDR4 is unquestionably contributing to the efficiency will increase I’ve seen. Plus, I’ve an additional improve path now on my present chipset: if I determine to stay a 6700Okay in there down the road, I’ve already performed half the work – and made loads of the fiscal outlay. 

And eventually… BIOS (sorry, simply needed to say it yet another time).

Source_Link: https://www.pcgamesn.com/i5-6500-overclock-43ghz

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